GIS stuck on the wrong side of the chasm

Un articol foarte interesant… pentru cei interesati, desigur.

Below is the classic 5 Customer Segments of Technology Adoption graph … but with a twist.

In my view the curve has flattened. We have a flow of users coming in and out of the technology.  The early majority phase remains illusive, Web GIS sits squarely on the ‘wrong’ side of the chasm. The adoption of Web GIS by traditional users has been spotty. Lack of time and inertia dominate. And apart from the largest organizations, new users have been indifferent.

That sounds like a gloomy outlook

Not at all. Its an industry kick in the pants!

Web GIS has so much to offer. Yet this flow of users coming in and falling away from the technology is a huge problem. Why is this happening?

We’ve spent time talking to pragmatists (a person who is guided more by practical considerations than by ideals). There are some very obvious reasons why we have still to bridge the chasm. And action not time is what will fix the problem.


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