SuperGIS Webinar – Inspect and Update in Real-Time

01:23 Product Roadmap
01:58 Overview of SuperPad & Key features
04:06 The Scenario of Utility Inspection
04:58 Advantages of combining RTK GNSS receiver and SuperPad
06:07 Agenda of today’s webinar
07:27 Basic concepts about NTRIP positioning
08:39 SuperPad + Hi-Target V100 – Accuracy Test
10:32 Demo: NTRIP
14:30 Building the map to show the distribution of the utility
15:12 Demo: Build an online map
18:35 Basic concepts about the relational table
20:23 Demo: Connect to SuperGIS Server and sync data
24:33 Conculsion
25:24 Support formats of SuperPad
26:30 Comparison table of SuperGIS mobile series
28:56 Q & A Time